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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the accomodations?

Lodging is included in the price and will be bunk beds. Note that you must bring your own bedding (or sleeping bag).

Are private accomodation options available?

Private rooms are available for an extra fee. Please contact us at mkdetweiler@gmail.com for more information.

What are the dance spaces that we will be using?

The main dance floor will be a large well kept wooden dance floor. We will also be able to dance outside.

Will we have access to other Adventures Unlimited activities?

Besides access to the stunning grounds of over 1,000 acres, we also have access to taking out canoes on a small lake. If you have an interest in any other activity, please contact us at mkdetweiler@gmail.com

Are children welcome at this jam?

While this jam is primarily for adult dancers, children are welcome.

Children are charged for food and lodging to a certain extent based on age. To accomodate that, we must charge for children, but at a reduced rate. If you plan on bringing children, please contact us at mkdetweiler@gmail.com for the exact details.

Can we bring pets to this jam?

According to our venue pets are not allowed unless they are service animals.

Can we bring alcohol or other drugs to this jam?

We strongly ask that you leave mind-altering substances at home. We look to have fun in a non-altered way. Our camp is completely substance free and smoking must be done outside the camp property.